A little golf humor

On the way to meet his regular foresome, Joe gets delayed in heavy traffic.
When he finally gets to the club the starter tells him that he had no choice
but to send off his three buddies.  "But", the starter says,"there's a
really nice lady who's ready to go." Joe protests but the starter says that she's
very nice and a decent player. Joe finally decides to play with her.
During their round, Joe realizes that he's having a great time with her.
They laugh, talk the whole time and, as the starter said, she's a terrific
player.  Joe invites her into the clubhouse for a drink after the round and
it becomes 3 or 4 drinks in two hours time.  He then asks her to go out for
dinner, and she accepts his offer.  After a great dinner, wine and dancing
she invites Joe to her home for a little coffee.  Well, coffee turns to
kissing and fooling around, then great sex.  Joe looks at his watch and sees
it's 11:00 PM and says, "Oh my god, I can't believe the time.  I've got to
get home to my wife" and he bolts out the door. When he gets home his wife asks him where he was. 
He then tells her,"Honey I can't believe what I've done.  I strayed.  I was on my way to playing with
the guys early this morning and I got caught in traffic.  When I got there,
they had been sent out and the starter sent me out with this woman.  We were
playing and having a really nice time.  We had drinks, then we went out for
dinner, then she invited me back to her place, we had coffee and before I
knew it we were in her bed. Bit-a-bang, bit-a-boom clothes were flying,
having sex. Then I noticed the time and said that I had to run home to you,
and here I am". She thought about it for a minute, looked at him and said, "You played 36
holes didn't you?"

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