I watch the Westminister Dog Show for...

I watch the Westminister Dog Show for the commercials.

I saw a homeless person getting off a bus, and I thought, "How does he know which stop is his?"

I'm determined to only have three kids because I have heard that one out of every four kids born in the world is Chinese.

The last thing I need to worry about is my anxiety disorder.

A man was examined at a hospital and was awaiting the results. The doctor comes in and says, "I have bad news. You're going to die in 10." The panic-striken man says, "10 what? Years? Months? Weeks?" The doctor says, "9 - 8 - 7 - 6...."

I may look stupid, but it's hereditary.

My new workout plan is working! I'm benching 310 now. Or maybe 3:15 - whenever the weights are free.

"Did your deaf aunt make it to her hearing?" "No, she was impaired!"

Last time my wife gave me a foot massage, my back ended up smelling funny.

I woke up this morning and felt so bad that I tried to kill myself by taking 1,000 aspirin. After the first two, I felt better!

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