A guy walks into a bar and notices a beautiful woman sitting at a table. He
Strolls over to her and says, "You know, I would LOVE to kiss your
The embarrassed woman says, "My boyfriend is the bouncer here, and if
you don't leave me alone I’ll have him sort you out!"
"Ok, I am sorry!" says the guy as he buys a drink.
After a couple more drinks the guy walks over to her walks to her again
and says, "You know, I’d LOVE to kiss you on your ass!" The woman is very
angry and says, "One more word from you and I’m fetching my boy friend
sort you out!"
"Ok, I am sorry.... It won't happen again", says the guy.
A 20 minutes later, the guy is totally drunk, and tells the woman, "You
know, I’d LOVE to fill up your pussy with bear and drink it out of there!"
“That does it!” says the woman “ I’m getting my boyfriend. You are in so
much trouble!"
The woman goes to the backroom, and tells her boyfriend what’s
"There’s a man out there who said that he wants to kiss my breasts!" Her
boyfriend stands up and rolls up his shirt sleeves.
"And, he said that he wanted to bite my butt!" Clenching his fists he
reaches for his baseball bat.
"And.... he says he wants to fill my pussy with beer and drink every bit of
it out of there!"
Hearing this the boyfriends face turns white, he breaks out in a sweet
and sits down to read his paper.
The woman is shocked and asks, “What the hell you doing aren’t you going
to sort him out?”
“Hell NO” says the boyfriend “I’m not going to mess with a guy that can
drink that much!”

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